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“Coffs Rocks” – The best that Coffs has to offer

The 70-thousand or so people that are lucky enough to call Coffs Harbour home, know one thing for sure about this little city, and that is that it totally rocks. Sure, we may be biased, but stick with me on this one and since you’re here or considering a visit, you too will soon know […]

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“Cheap Eats” – Coffs Harbour CBD Food Finds

Now let’s get one thing straight from the start, you’re not in Uber Eats territory any more, Toto! That movement hasn’t quite extended to our wonderful part of the world just yet, but fear not, because good food is in abundance and all at your doorstep or just a phone call away, if you’d prefer […]

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Travel Fit

Whether it be for work or pleasure, travelling isn’t generally conducive to maintaining a regular fitness regime, it’s far too easy to allow yourself a reprieve and put it down to having no opportunity. Well, I’m here to tell you that excuse simply won’t work around here. Yep, fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you […]